Standard Press Brakes

All Krras hydraulic press brakes are manufactured to the highest standard, with strict quality control to achieve a long life of minimal maintenance.

The brakes range from 44 tons to 440 tons. Two cylinders power all models, and a torsion bar is used to ensure parallelism of the top beam. The two cylinders working to a positive depth stop do stroke control of the bending beam. The top ram returns to the top position after the pressure has been reached. The remote pressure regulator allows the working pressure to be reduced for working with lighter materials. Push buttons and the fine adjustment hand wheel electrically control the setting of the bending beam. The readout enables the operator to recall previously set depth to accurately bend other thickness without waste of production time and materials. These models have an automatic 2-speed operation giving fast approach, slow bending, and fast return. The changeover from fast to slow approach is preset by means of electrical and mechanical control. Machines can be built from 6′ to 20′ in length.

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