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KRRAS | Machine Manufacturer
(65) 6484 2516

Welcome to KRRAS Manufacturing

Leading Manufacturer of Guillotine Shears, Hydraulic Press Brakes & CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes.

Fabrication shops and major manufacturing plants around the world use our machines every day to produce their products. To them our machines are the backbone of the operation. We don’t take this responsibility lightly. We know that the machines we manufacture play a big roll in today’s economy. Because of this, we strive to continue to improve our products.

The people at the Krras factory have a long solid history of producing the most advanced machine tools in the business. They bring years of experience to the table, and can make sure that the machine leaving the factory for a customers location lives up to the highest expectations.

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Did you know?

KRRAS Guillotine Shears

All KRRAS guillotine shears have over driven cylinders. This makes our machine heavier and more rugged than the common under driven shears. And we offer you this at the competitions under driven machines price!

KRRAS Press Brakes
KRRAS CNC Press Brakes

KRRAS Hydraulic Press Brake and Shear

Krras has a line of hydraulic guillotine shears and two types of press brakes to choose from. We offer our standard press brakes for job shop type work, and our CNC brakes for repetitive, high production jobs.

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